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Covered by Medicaid?  You Might Qualify for Free Transportation to Medical Appointments Through First Transit.

Did you know that if you have a Medicaid card and you do not have a way to get to your medical appointment you can get a free ride by signing up through NETSPAP, the Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program?

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Are You Prepared for Disaster?  Brush up on the Different Categories of Social Security Survivor Benefits

As hurricanes Harvey and Irma and Jose and Maria take their toll on millions of people in the United States and Puerto Rico, many people consider this a wake-up call to think about how to protect their families in the wake of natural disaster or national crisis.  The Social Security Administration awards and manages survivor’s benefits when a wage-earner dies.

Here is a quick overview of five different types of family benefits covered by Social Security’s Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program:

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Good news if you filed your Social Security disability claim after March 27, 2017–opinions from your PA or NP could help you win your claim.

Claimants who applied for Social Security Disability benefits after March 27, 2017 will have their medical evidence evaluated according to new rules established by the Social Security Administration.  These new rules may improve the likelihood that disability claimants in Southern Illinois are approved for benefits.

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Social Security Disability:  Should I ask for a live hearing or consent to a video hearing?

“I have a Social Security Disability claim hearing coming up.  Should I have a live hearing or a video hearing?”

According to the Social Security Administration, video hearings increase efficiency.  This is very important because the backlog of claims is growing.

There are several advantages to having a live hearing that you should consider.  It could mean the difference between receiving disability insurance benefits or not.

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