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Did you know?  Social Security Makes Special Allowances for Alzheimer’s Patients

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Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative condition that directly affects nearly 5.4 million Americans.  Many people think that it only affects the elderly – but in actuality, onset can occur as early as a person’s 30s and 40s, during their prime working years.  Here’s how the Social Security Administration helps Social Security Disability claimants who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Medicaid:  Use It Now Because You Might Lose It Soon

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As President-elect Donald J. Trump prepares to take office, changes in Medicaid loom on the horizon.  Stakeholders are scrambling to forecast the outcome.  If you currently depend on Medicaid to pay for your doctor’s visits and medications, you will want to stop what you are doing and read this.  If you think you would qualify for Medicaid but just haven’t followed through, make this the first item on your winter To Do list.

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Unlocking Secrets: Pleasure, Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, by Sharing a Thanksgiving Meal

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My blog posts are often too long.  This one will be short. 

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How to Transition From Work to Social Security Disability

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One of the most frequent questions I hear from prospective clients goes like this: “My health problems are getting worse and worse. My boss and my co-workers have been picking up the slack for me for a long time. I have used up most of my personal leave days. I have to keep working because I need the health insurance. I know the day is going to come when I have to stop work. ”

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Talk less.  Smile more.

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This sage advice from Aaron Burr to Alexander Hamilton in the musical, Hamilton, is solid advice for everyone.  With the election conversations behind us and the Thanksgiving conversations ahead of us, I thought this would be a great time to share some nuggets from the two-day Search Inside Yourself (SIY) leadership conference I attended in Louisville, KY earlier this month.

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