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What are the requirements to initially file a Social Security Disability Insurance claim?

One question I sometimes hear from potential clients is “How do I even know I should apply for benefits?  What are the requirements to initially file?”

Here are the four main requirements you should meet before you submit a Social Security Disability application.

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Supplemental Security Income Age-18 Redetermination:  What to Know

18th birthdays are usually a time of celebration and hope for the future.  However, for young people receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits, this otherwise happy time can be tinged with anxiety as they must go through the Social Security Administration’s age-18 redetermination process.

As a Southern Illinois Social Security Disability attorney, I speak to many prospective clients who are receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits and are about to turn 18.  Here are a few key points many people don’t know.

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Studies Confirm:  Mindfulness Can Reduce Physical Pain Without Drugs

Did you know that simply practicing mindfulness can help the chronic pain that many Social Security Disability claimants feel?  I found myself talking with a wounded vet the other day about these concepts.  In a world where doctors are quick to prescribe addictive painkillers, mindfulness is a much-needed alternative.

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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Loved Ones is Your Smile

I meet with hundreds of people every year who are going through a crisis of some sort—illness, injury, death of a loved one, loss of a job.

Some people seem to manage the crisis better than others.

Some seem to be more mentally resilient and to have more durable relationships. Some heal faster.  Some maintain their sense of humor.  But some get stuck in their pain and make every relationship toxic as if they want other people to suffer if they are suffering.

Many experts and religious leaders seem to suggest the same basic practices—mindfulness, focusing on the moment, having compassion for others, and expressing and demonstrating gratitude.

Maybe that is why everyone feels so wonderful at Christmas.  Each of these practices has a place in the traditional celebration.  Maybe that is why the celebration of Christmas starts so early!

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a more centered and loving you by developing some of these as daily practices.

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