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None, Mild, Moderate, Marked, Extreme – Wouldn’t It be Nice If We Knew What These Words Mean!

Winning or losing a Social Security Disability claim often comes down to these 5 words–and they haven’t been clearly defined in over 30 years!

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It Took the Social Security Administration 13 Years to Make These Changes to the Mental Disorders Listings

The Social Security Administration is revising the criteria in the Listing of Impairments (listings) used to evaluate claims involving mental disorders in adults and children under titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act (Act).

If you have filed a claim for Social Security disability benefits alleging that your mental health affects your ability to work, you might be interested to know about some major changes in the way mental impairments are evaluated.

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SSA’s mySocial Security:  New Online Security Update

The Social Security Administration has announced a new online security update to its recently-launched mySocial Security program.  If you or a loved one has a mySocial Security account, this information is important to you.

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Luck of The Draw—The Difference The Judge Can Make in a Social Security Disability Case in Southern Illinois

When my clients from Southern Illinois meet with me the first time they almost always want to know what the chances are that they will be awarded Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.  I always explain that there is no way to predict who will win and who will lose their claim.  For cases that go all the way to an administrative hearing the outcome can depend greatly on the judge that is assigned to the case.

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When I’m 64—“Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me?”

Most of us recognize these lyrics from the iconic Beatles song.  This could be the theme song for people with chronic illness, injuries, or other conditions that keep them from performing in the workplace like they did when they were younger. Those of us who were children or teens when this song became popular might be wondering just how many years we are going to be able to work.

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“Magic Words” That Can Give Injured Workers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars More in a Workers’ Compensation Case

workers compensation and social security disability

Many of my Southern Illinois disability clients need help with a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits after being injured at work. They usually have questions about the differences between Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance.   This blog will address some of the questions that almost always come up.  An earlier blog covered some of the same questions.

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Social Security Disability:  Let’s go to the Movies!

There is a lot of written information in this blog and on other websites surrounding the Social Security Disability claims process. But my experience as a Southern Illinois Disability attorney is that some people prefer to learn by watching rather than reading.  Luckily, the Social Security Administration has produced a series of educational videos to walk you through the process.  You can watch them here!

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Survival Guide While You Wait for a Decision on Your Social Security Disability Claim

Many clients are shocked when they find out it can take 2 to 3 years between their last work date and the date they receive their first benefit payment when they file for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits.  This is the average time for a claim from filing to notice of award if it is successful.

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9 Social Security Reform Myths – Busted!

With the next Presidential election coming up this November, Social Security reform is a hot topic that has many people talking.  Unfortunately, some dangerous myths are being perpetuated, confusing the discussion.  Here are nine Social Security reform myths – busted by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget at!

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The Bailey Law Office Blog Roundup:  An Index of Social Security Disability Insurance Information

It’s time for the Bailey Law Office Blog Roundup!  Here are the blog articles pertaining to Social Security Disability Insurance that we have published to date.

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