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Before You Vote–What You Really Need to Know About the Positions of the Candidates on Social Security Reform

One candidate’s website reveals nothing about his position on Social Security reform; he has taken conflicting positions in the past; and he has recently been quoted as saying, “We’re going to save Social Security, too, by the way.” If you believe that, I am sure he has a bridge he could sell you, too.

As a Southern Illinois Social Security representative, here are my comments on the positions of the candidates.

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The 7 Best Social Security Disability Websites to Follow

1.  Social Security Administration Home Page:

Put this website on the top of that list of things that the government does well. It is well organized. It has search tools.  There are links to detailed answers for hundreds, if not thousands of questions.  You can file a claim, file an appeal, figure out your benefit amount, change your address, and dozens of other things that used to require a time consuming visit or phone call to the local field office. (You can also get to this page with this address:

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Social Security Disability Questions Answered by the Disability Connection Newsletter

This post provides answers to questions that often arise in conversations with my clients. If you’re new to Disability or have been on it for some time, these answers might help you to better understand your coverage.

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Don’t Make These 10 Big Mistakes on Your Social Security Disability Claim

1.  Rush through the disability claim paperwork.

If you rush through the Disability Claim Report – Adult, Activities of Daily Living Report, and Work History Report at the beginning of your claim, you will leave out important information.

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