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Make Retirement Planning Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Just because it’s mid-January doesn’t mean you can’t still make a New Year’s resolution!  Here are some tips for those who are looking into retirement planning.

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To Work or Not To Work (After Retirement), That Is the Question!

Retirement does not have to be an all or nothing proposition. It does not necessarily mean the end of a vibrant, fulfilling vocation.  It does not have to be a sentence to life on a limited, fixed income.

Many people continue to work after retirement age—some because they want to, some because they cannot afford not to.

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Aging to the Count of 8 in the Key of D for Dance


Have you ever discovered something so life-altering that you wished you had encountered it much earlier in life?  For me, Contra dance tops that list.

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Medicaid planning…what does it really mean?

What is “Medicaid planning?” It can mean different things to different families. Here are some examples:

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