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Full SSDI Benefits Will Last Until 2032, New Report Says

In 2016, in my blog article 9 Social Security Reform Myths – Busted!, I warned readers that the Social Security trust fund was predicted to run out in 2034, leading to decreased benefits in the years that followed.  The 2018 annual report issued by Social Security’s Board of Trustees now predicts that full benefits will likely stop in 2032 but the silver lining is that current trends suggest there will be less of a steep drop in benefits after that.

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Southern Illinois Disability Recipients:  Medicare Open Enrollment for 2018 ends December 7, 2017!

Medicare Open Enrollment time is here again!  If you are currently enrolled in or eligible for a Medicare health plan, it is time to review your coverage and take action.

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Covered by Medicaid?  You Might Qualify for Free Transportation to Medical Appointments Through First Transit.

Did you know that if you have a Medicaid card and you do not have a way to get to your medical appointment you can get a free ride by signing up through NETSPAP, the Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program?

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I’m 62 and cannot do my job any longer.  Should I Apply for Social Security Retirement or Social Security Disability? Or Both!

Some questions come up again and again at my office.  One of the most common questions goes like this: “I am 62 and I cannot do my job anymore. I’m missing work. My co-workers and boss are picking up the slack for me.  I’m struggling to figure out what I should do next. Should I apply for Social Security retirement or disability?”

The answer to this question is usually “both.”

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Estate Planning:  Find Lost Life Insurance Money With This Free Service

If you are the administrator or the executor of someone’s estate, you are responsible for tracking down the estate’s assets.

The estate assets could include the death benefits from a life insurance policy on the life of the person who just died.  Tracking down life insurance benefits is not always easy.

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Social Security Administration (SSA) Changes the Rules May 1, 2017


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When Should I Retire? A Helpful Guide

My clients often ask me, “When is the best age to retire?”  Ultimately, there is no one “best age” and your choice will be informed by several factors.

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Famous Last Words—“I’ve got this!  I don’t need an attorney at my Social Security disability hearing!”

Representing yourself in legal or administrative proceedings might seem like a great idea at first, but the majority of people who make this choice do not get the result they wanted.

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