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When Can An Illinois Estate Be Distributed With A Small Estate Affidavit Instead of Probate?

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Something is Better Than Nothing if You Have Children But Don’t Have a Will

Estate planning: if you have children but no will

Have you ever procrastinated on a project at home or at work because you were waiting until you had just the right tools, materials, plans or information?  If you haven’t, you will not need to read this blog, but if you have, Welcome to The Club!

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Summer Vacation:  The Perfect Time to Review Your Will and Powers of Attorney

Summer is here!  People all over Southern Illinois are preparing for the heat and planning their vacations.  The relaxation and perspective that a vacation brings makes it the perfect time to review your will and powers of attorney and update them to reflect your current wishes.  Here are ten situations where updating your will may be necessary.

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Are you sure your estate plan is done?  Think again!  What about your pet?

When you seek help drafting Will or Trust documents to carry out your wishes at the time of your death, don’t forget your pets!

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What Does an Estate Have to Do with Firearms?

“Annie, get your gun….card.”

Last week I drove 200 miles north, through the lush green Southern Illinois and South-central Illinois landscape (where it was not under water) to the 58th Annual Estate Planning Short Course in Champaign. The sole purpose of this column is to share one of the nuggets I took away from that workshop and urge the reader to consider getting a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) card to avoid being in violation of state and federal gun laws because of the presence of the husband’s or wife’s guns in the house.

I think it would be a fair statement that the vast majority of rural households have some sort of firearm in the house, possibly in a secure gun safe.


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To Will or Trust?

credit: dollarphotoclub

“When I’m gone…”

Make this a conversation starter instead of a conversation stopper in your family.

It was Mother’s Day. Church and lunch were over, and we were down to the important things, like who wanted the Nutella topping warmed up to go over the brownie and ice cream dessert, and where to plant the geraniums, and just h

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Just how much do you love your in-laws?

There’s a reason that lawyers hang around with lawyers. We have morbid imaginations. We are amused by our morbid imaginations. Others do not share our morbid imaginations. What is our defense? We have to.

I am surprised that law schools do not offer a class entitled “Parade of Horribles 101.”

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